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Adventure Recovery Coaching and WFA with Alice Henshaw

Wilderness First Aid course by Alice Henshaw for Adventure Recovery

Adventure Recovery is a leading provider of therapeutic adventure experiences, wilderness excursions, and individualized mentorship. In addition, Adventure Recovery offers tailored experiences to coaching clients, teams, families, and institutions. Experiential adventures are offered throughout North America. Their clients include people in or seeking recovery and others who simply want to learn outdoor skills and experience adventure.

Wilderness First Aid Emergency Medical training Alice Henshaw

Led by Founder Tim Walsh and Executive Director Josh Flaherty, Adventure Recovery has been leading the way in creating programs in youth development and addiction recovery and prevention fields. Adventure Recovery Coaching training—currently offered in New England and Colorado­—is one of newest additions to their offerings and AVH Global/Alice Henshaw was tapped to teach Wilderness First Aid as part of the course.

AR Field Director and Senior Guide Nate Bennick taught the most recent AR Coaching course in Colorado covering all aspects except Wilderness First Aid. That’s where Alice Henshaw and WMAI come in. Says Nate, “"Our coaches and guides help others navigate the internal and external wilderness. Because we seek out adventure in the outdoors it is necessary that we are prepared for any and all challenges. Alice has provides an incredible lens for mental health and wilderness medicine."

Wilderness First Aid Emergency Medical training Alice Henshaw

What can you expect from and Adventure Recovery Coaching course? Adventure Recovery Coaching encourages and teaches:

  • Empowerment + confidence

  • Stronger sense of self and direction

  • A more fulfilling life

  • Outdoor skills

  • An adventurous, healthy lifestyle

  • Self-directed goals

For more details on Adventure Recovery Coaching, head to their website at


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