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Packing for Success

AVH Global and Wilderness Medical Associates Texas November 2019

When Alice Henshaw packs a makeup kit for her upcoming trip to Texas, she’s packing products guaranteed to produce a significantly different effect than what most of us would be trying for. Because as a WMA instructor, it’s Alice’s job to produce the most realistic situational scenarios possible in order to prepare her students what they would actually be faced with.

AVH Global for Wilderness Medical Associates example of moulage

Nope, no humans were harmed in the making of this's just great "moulage"!

Real-world situations, especially in terms of environment are a hallmark of a WMA course, but exposing students to the graphic look and feel of potential wounds is also an important part of the training process.

Wilderness Medical Associates AVH Global Emergency Medical Training example of Moulage

That’s why a “moulage” kit is an essential part of the equipment! The word “moulage” refers to the use of “special effects” makeup that replicates wounds in simulation based training and is an important component for insuring participants “buying-into” the simulation. WMA training, keeping it real!

AVH Global Emergency First Aid Training Moulage Kit

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