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Beyond Limits Education seeks to develop leaders who will be able to problem solve by thinking outside the box, be a responsible steward of the planet, and help others reach beyond their limits.

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Adventure Recovery is an adventure guide service that leads clients through the external and internal wilderness. We provide one-on-one mentorship, group experiences, and guide training. Adventure Recovery empower individuals and groups with the motivation, skills instruction, and accountability to achieve optimal recovery, wellness, and purpose. We are recovery-focused, but you don’t need to be in recovery to join us outside. Our team is growing and we are always fielding inquiries from other like-minded individuals. Please contact us if you are interested in being part of our team! 


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The mission of Gut-Z Journey is to mentor adventurous souls because I believe that outdoor experiences are transformative. Natalie Bechtel helps people get in touch with their inner strength and confidence.  These experiences encourage people to make better decisions for themselves and the planet. Her mission is to mentor adventurous souls because outdoor experiences are transformative.

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Kindred Spirits Counseling & Wellness
Paul Gould

Burn The Ships Crossfit
Milford, PA

Happy Stump Tree Service
Howard Lawrence

Freedom Defense Training, LLC