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Freedom Defense Training LLC hosting AVH Global WMA training

Wilderness Medical Associates International is recognized world wide as being at the leading edge of wilderness medical training. However, you don't often get a chance to attend a WMA course in Texas. That's about to change. AVH Global is thrilled and honored to announce that we will be teaching not one, but two upcoming courses in Lindale just east of Dallas. Even more exciting, we are partnering with a local veteran-owned business: Freedom Defense Training.

Freedom Defense Training is hosting both courses; a two-day Wilderness First Aid course, November 30th through December 1st and a four-day Advanced Wilderness First Aid course, December 5th through 8th.

AVH Global Wilderness Medical Training through Wilderness Medical Associates

Founded in 2010 the FDT mission statement states, “Our mission at FDT is to train citizens to safely and effectively protect themselves and those they care about. To equip Law Enforcement and Private Security Professionals with the skills and tactics they need to survive in hostile situations and go home safe. With the instructors' backgrounds in military, law enforcement, security, and personal defense, we bring a wide range of knowledge and experience to the classroom and range.

AVH Global Wilderness Medical Training through Wilderness Medical Associates

WMA's training style, based on real world situations and hands on practice, is a perfect fit and addition to other courses more commonly offered at Freedom Defense Training. Many people with tactical backgrounds have "Stop the Bleed" training which is aimed at hemmorage control in unsafe or unstable scenes as well as self-care and buddy care in tactical emergencies. This region is also rich with EMS providers who can stabilize and transport patients to the appropriate hospital. What is lacking, however, is a skillset that bridges these two realms of medicine. What do you do once you have stopped the bleed, gotten to safety, and are now waiting..... possibly hours.... for the scene to be secured and the EMTs to be allowed in or for the flood waters to recede??? Wilderness Medicine is the bridge between these two scenarios--it is rooted in a more detailed assessment and focuses on extended care. There is a strong emphasis on prevention and protection from the environment as well as the ability to meet basic needs until further resources are available.

AVH Global Wilderness Medical Training through Wilderness Medical Associates

Register for the course by clicking the link here and scrolling down the events in their calendar til you see the WMA courses!

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